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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Progressive people of the world! Let's support Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian occupier!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Dear friends! I appeal to all of you with a request and offer! A black date is approaching - the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the terrorist state of russia on the territory of independent Ukraine. Until this day, I have created a musical piece, which is my personal compositional contribution in the name of the Glory and Victory of our state, which has been giving a worthy rebuff to the aggressor for a year. This is a solemn fanfare "Glory to Ukraine!" for a large wind band, recorded by our wonderful National Academic Symphonic Band of Ukraine. I put all my deep desire for our Victory over the Russian invader into this music. Each of you can download this audio file in mp.3 format using this link. Let the music of our Victory sound in Ukraine and throughout the world on the anniversary of the invasion on February 24 and the day before. This can be on radio stations, online sites, loudspeakers in restaurants, shops, personal telephones and as many other public places as possible. I appeal to all my friends who work in mass media. Let our "Glory to Ukraine" walk around the world as a sign of our Victory in this struggle! Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes! We will win, and Mordor will disappear from the face of the earth forever!

Iryna Aleksiychuk, "Glory to Ukraine!", solemn fanfare for a large brass band. 1'30'' Performed by: National Academic Wind Orchestra of Ukraine. The general director is Oleksandr Pirozhenko. The conductor is Bazhenov Olexii. The sound engineer of the studio recording is Andrii Mokrytskyi. Sampling – Dmytro Celt Danov.



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