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Date of birth: 12/16/1967 (Dovzhans'k, Luhans'k region, Ukraine)

Citizenship: Ukrainian


Aleksiychuk Iryna - composer, pianist and organist, associate professor of composition at the National Academy of Music of Ukraine, Laureate of international competitions and National Creative Awards, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. As a member of a piano duo with her husband, Yurii Kot, gives many concerts in Ukraine, Europe and America.


Among the works are symphonic, choral, chamber vocal and instrumental works, which are very successful among performers and listeners in many countries around the world. But the choral genre is one of her favorites, and it's no coincidence. Iryna's father was a choirmaster, so since childhood she helped her father a lot as an accompanist and arranger.

Iryna works a lot by order of various musical groups and individual performers. Various choirs have repeatedly received special prizes and Grand Prix at international choral competitions for the work of a modern author, choosing to perform music I.Aleksiychuk. In 2017, the Lysenko Girls' Choir under the direction of Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk won the first place in the world ranking of choirs in the category "Spiritual Music" for performing the program exclusively from the works of Irina Aleksiychuk. In 2014, the composer received a Special Prize for the work of a contemporary composer in the European Grand Prix Association for Choral Singing 46th Tolosa Choral Contest, Basque Country, Spain.


In addition to music, the artist has an extremely wide range of interests. She is a multiple winner of Eastern European, European and World Irish Solo Dance Championships, professionally engaged in coffee, physiognomy, graphology, psychosomatics of diseases, colors and food, as well as creating true masterpieces - mandalas and dream catchers.

Composer Iryna Aleksiychuk

Performances and Collaborations

Since 1983 I.Aleksiychuk gives many concerts in prestigious concert halls of Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and the USA as a pianist, composer, organist, member of chamber ensembles, as well as in a piano duet with the People's Artist of Ukraine, winner of international competitions Yurii Kot. The duo is the winner of three international competitions, two of which (ARD International Competition in Munich and Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition in Miami) are considered some of the most prestigious music competitions in the world. The duo's repertoire includes works from world classics and original works, sometimes exclusive, created specifically for this duo.

I.Aleksiychuk performed with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Munich, Germany (conductors: Wolfgang Balzer, Lothar Zagrosek);

MERCK Chamber Orchestra, Darmstadt, Germany (conductor - Christian Rudolf Riedel); National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (conductors - Volodymyr Sirenko, Viktor Ploskina); National Symphony Orchestra of Varieties of Ukraine (conductor - Natalia Ponomarchuk);

Zaporizhzhya National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (conductor - Vyacheslav Redya); ARCHI Chamber Orchestra, Kyiv (conductor - Igor Andrievsky); Kyiv Soloists’ Chamber Ensemble (conductor - Bohodar Kotorovych); New World Symphony Orchestra, Miami, United States (conductor: Neil Stalberg) and others.


Has participated as a pianist and composer in numerous international music festivals, gives master classes and participates as a jury member in international competitions.


Collaborator with choirs, orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists. Many choirs have repeatedly received music awards and Grand Prix at international choral competitions for the performance of a work by a modern author, choosing to perform music of I.Aleksiychuk. In 2017 the Girls' Choir of the M,V,Lysenko Special School of Music under the direction of Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk won first place in the world ranking of choirs in the category "Spiritual Music" for performing the program exclusively from the works of Iryna Aleksiychuk.

The composer's works were also performed by the Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra; State Variety Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine; Lyatoshynsky Classical Music Ensemble; “Kyiv” Municipal Chamber Choir; Municipal Chamber Choir "Khreschatyk"; Women's Choir of the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University; Glier State Institute of Music Women's Choir; Children and youth choir "Dzvinochok"; Girls’ Choir of the M.V.Lysenko Special School of Music and many others.

Piano Duo Iryna Akeksiychuk - Yurii Kot


Multiple winner of regional competitions for young pianists and composers, winner of numerous regional theoretical competitions (Khmelnytsky, 1974 -1983);


Diploma holder of the National Competition for Young Composers named after S.Prokofiev (Donetsk, 1993);


Laureate of the First International Competition of Chamber Music Performers "Golden Autumn" in the Piano Duos category (Khmelnytsky, 1993);


Winner of the 45th ARD International Competition in the Piano Duos category (Munich, 1996);


Winner of the 6th Murray Dranoff International Piano Duos Competition (Miami, 1997);

Laureate of the First Ukrainian Composers Competition "Spiritual Psalms" for the best choral work by biblical texts (Kyiv, 2001).

In February 2000 for concert activity and performance of modern music, was awarded the L.M.Revutsky Prize of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, the National Union of Composers of Ukraine and the National Union of Music of Ukraine.

In May 2014 was awarded the Artemiy Wedel "Kyiv" Art Prize of the Kyiv City State Administration in the field of musical composition for the Cantata-mystery "Lullabies of Reeds" for soloists, choir mixed and symphonic orchestra in five movements.

In March 2019 was awarded the M.V.Lysenko Award for outstanding achievements in the field of composition.

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